Society of Mary


The Society of Mary is one of several Catholic devotional societies within the Anglican tradition, honoring Her whom God has honored, the Virgin Mother of His incarnate Son, Jesus; thus bearing witness to His holy incarnation. This witness to and emphasis on the dogma of the Incarnation, is expressed in devotional and liturgical practices, designed to enrich and enhance the discipleship and spiritual lives of our members, and the worship and mission of the Church.

The place and role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the Church, and the economy of salvation is demonstrated in the liturgy and liturgical arts of the Church, in chapels and shrines dedicated to Her, in stained glass and icons, in hymnody and church music.

Many members share the Rule of life and their devotion to our Lady, in Wards and cells, which develop ways to promote Her honor, teach the faith, and celebrate Her glory. And with other devotional societies, we uphold and promote the fullness of Catholic Faith, Order, and Morals, hopefully with apostolic zeal and ecumenical witness.

Fr. John D. Alexander, SSC, Ph.D.
Superior, Society of Mary,
American Region