Society of Mary

Officers and Council

Society of Mary, American Region as of 23 May, 2014

Superior: The Rev’d John D. Alexander, SSC, Ph.D.
Chaplain: Fr. Russell A. Griffin, SSC
Secretary: Dr. Paul Cooper
Treasurer: Dr. David B.J. Chase
Editor of AVE: Phoebe Pettingell
Chaplain, Guild of the Living Rosary: The Rev'd Canon David N. Baumann, SSC

Class of 2018
The Rev'd Ernest Curtin
The Rev’d Canon Barry E. B. Swain, SSC
Mr. Frederick T. McGuire, III
The Rev'd Warren Tanghe

Class of 2019
Mr. Paul W. McKee
Mr. Adam Barner
The Rev’d Jay C. James
The Rev’d John Heschle

Class of 2020
The Rev’d Martin C. Yost, SSC
Dr. Wallace H. Spaulding
Mrs. Coral Webb
Dr. Anne Bower

Class of 2021
The Rev'd John Connor Haynes, SSC
The Rev'd Canon Jonathan J.D. Ostman, SSC
Dr. John P. Rosso

Membership Administrator: Mrs. Lynne Walker